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Cloud Hopper podcast

MLTV-Main Line Network will be airing this Zoom recording recently presented by RML and Main Point Books.

Here it is for you right now!

Thank you to Cathy Fiebach, owner of Main Point Books, author Beth Kephart and publisher Penny Candy Books.


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The Story Behind the Painting

Have you ever wondered about the beautiful painting on the wall in the Children’s Play Area at Radnor Memorial Library?

Come over some time and take a look.

Just before RML opened its doors after an extensive renovation that turned the popular destination into a real “people’s palace” (every palace needs a portrait!) local celebrated artist Anne Graham was commissioned to paint a portrait of Elizabeth Sander by her husband Scott. This short film is the moving story of how it came about.

More about the artist can be found here:

Artist Anne Graham

My story:

Just before RML opened its doors after being closed to the public because of the Covid-19 pandemic I called my very creative friends Anne and Phil Graham and asked them to do us a favor. I told them that on August 24, 2020 we would be opening for patron visits but we knew that many would still be connecting with us on facebook –just as Library users would continue to take advantage of e-books and all the other good things available to our patrons virtually.

What I had in mind was ANYTHING either Anne or Phil felt like doing that we would post on facebook. Studio tour, perhaps? Cows, maybe?


Phil promised he and Anne would be sending something to me but in the meantime we were welcome to chew on this. He knew I would like it, and I knew you would like it, too.

I quickly emailed the video to my new boss (Executive Director of RML) Joyce Platfoot and said here– this is for you. It’s from Phil Graham.

I wondered what was going through her head…

The day after the opening when we felt that we had adjusted to our new routine (temporary!) at the Library, Joyce asked me to come back to her office to take a look. So, as the new Executive Director of Radnor Memorial Library sat there gleefully posting a cow video on RML’s facebook page I said they look perfect!

Two weeks later, the video titled The Story Behind the Painting arrived in my email from Phil.

So how do I write a story about the story behind the painting?

Just like the who, what, when, where, and why of stories that we love are fun to talk about, and write about… so are the paintings we love.

But right now I just want to say take a look.

Thank you, Anne. Thank you, Phil.

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One Cool Colonial–Episode 9: Wildings!

Weeds or Wildings?

In 1993 Clarissa published a paper with that title. Great word, isn’t it? Wildings. I still had to look it up. To me, they are just weeds and I tend to leave them right there so the neighborhood rabbits keep coming back to my house.

Clarissa and I wish to thank RML’s new executive director Joyce Platfoot for announcing in the weekly e-newsletter that Patricia Bixler Reber wrote about Clarissa and her adventures as the star of One Cool Colonial created during the Pandemic that still has a grip on our country and our world.

Reber is a noted food historian who writes at Researching Food and History–Cooking and Dining and you can find her beautiful blog here:

It is an honor and this kind of attention means so much to us. Our intention was to have fun, spend time at Massey House and share something different with our friends and Library patrons. And as Clarissa says– it keeps us out of trouble. We owe a lot to Massey House (Rich Paul) and the writer of the original Philadelphia Inquirer article written a few years ago by Virginia A. Smith.

Since my introduction to what I think of as “Clarissa’s world” I now find myself reading the writings of Patricia for the pure history and joy I find (the art, too) in her weekly posts. Historic foodways is what they call it and a large organization known as AHLFAM seems to me to be the mothership. Kind of like a mother library. Check it out:

If you are still reading this, well– we’re still here.

The Library is open but please check our website for our special hours. I hope this finds you well and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Enjoy this NEW episode of One Cool Colonial. If you are like me, then you’ll forget about the weeds and the wildings if you like regular visits from the bunnies.

If you are like Clarissa, then you have some work to do.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and come see us when you can.

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Cloud Hopper

Radnor Memorial Library and Main Point Books present:

A LIVE Book Launch for Beth Kephart

author of Cloud Hopper

Penny Candy Books, 2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020  7-8 PM

Save your spot below:

Join us as National Book Award finalist, Beth Kephart, launches her newest title Cloud Hopper – a young-adult novel that illuminates the perils of being an undocumented immigrant in the United States and explores loss and family tragedy. It is a poignant, high-flying adventure set among the old planes, Vietnam vets, and majestic hot air balloons of a run-down municipal airport. Signed copies will be available from Main Point Books.

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Registration for Highlights from South Pacific–

Hi, everyone.

This event requires registration. Sorry, I missed that in my recent post to you.

Please register by 5pm on Wednesday, September 2.

One hour before the premier I will email the link to you for the 50-minute show.

Thanks and have a good day.


Please register here:

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Highlights from the musical South Pacific

Watch on RML’s YouTube channel

Premier: RML’s YouTube channel on Wednesday, September 2 at 7PM.

The show must go online!

Listen to outstanding studio performances by professional actors/singers Kristal Daniels and Steven Pollack.We’ll hear selections from this classic show based on James Michener’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1947 book Tales of the South Pacific. The show runs about 50 minutes.

You will remember Steve if you watched the podcast on the Red Rose Girls or attended the live event in the Winsor Room. I remember when Steve was singing Sondheim in the Winsor Room and will never forget that. I am so glad we got in touch again as presenting virtual events is challenging and we are helping one another here.

About the performers:

Soprano Kristal Daniels is a graduate of the Peabody Conservatory of Music, BMus; Baltimore, MA. She has recently completed her MMus for Vocal Performance & Literature from the University of Western Ontario (UWO), CA. Kristal has sung several roles with the international music festival La Musica Lirica; Novafeltria, IT. Roles: Mimi, La Boheme; Madame Lidoine, Dialogues of the Carmelites; Violetta, La Traviata; and title role, Sour Angelica. She has also sung with the New York Lyric Opera Theatre for their Opera Gala at Carnegie Hall as a soloist. Recently, she performed the role of Countess in the UWO’s production of Le Nozze de Figaro. Hailing from New Jersey, she teaches private from home or now, virtually.

Steve Pollack is a performer director, lecturer and actor who has appeared in venues ranging from Grand Opera to Blues and Pop; an actor and director of stage plays; and as a lecturer and teacher in schools/universities, community organizations, private associations and retirement homes.  He has performed in many local and regional theaters in opera, concert, and musical theater and was one of the original members of Peter Nero’s Voices of the Pops in Philadelphia. He lectures often on subjects of culture, history, music, and social change with specific focus on the critical, ironic or trivial connections between historical events. He was educated at Franklin & Marshall College and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

RML is proud to support the arts by offering performances by local artists when many are staying home while we get through this together. So here we go with our sandy beach, a palm tree or two, and songs we love. So grab your favorite drink and go ahead, sing along if you please! This is a Night & Day Entertainment LLC production.

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We’ll need a toothpick, a quarter, and some tape…

The Philadelphia-based entertainer will astound you, even through a screen. You’ll also learn a little magic yourself during this one-hour show. 

I heard from Ari Paul today about the virtual show on Wednesday night. He asked me to tell everyone who registered for the event to bring the following:

Mobile phone (with calculator), a deck of playing cards, a toothpick, a quarter, a dollar bill, and some tape.

Register here:

I hope to see you there! Maybe see you in the Library soon.

Wouldn’t THAT be nice.

Until then…

Save that spot now! Stay well!

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One Cool Colonial–Episode 8: In a Pickle?

As we all know, the Library will soon be opening its doors. It will feel so good to be back at work and I look forward to seeing you all again. It has been a long time, hasn’t it?

The past few months I have been fortunate to use my work time (and play time) at home telling a story… several at this point. I wasn’t able to use Radnor Library in the same way. You would say the same.

But thanks to my cool colonial neighbor Clarissa, I could still create some experiences to share with you. They were just different.

In colonial times, most work was done at home. Most food was grown at home, preserved and cooked at home. Working from home was just the way it was.

So here’s to turnip wine and pickled purslane. Good riddance to scorzonera!

And let’s raise a glass of that turnip wine to the Year of the Woman in 2020!

This is one of our favorite episodes. Enjoy!

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One Cool Colonial–Episode 7: Upstairs Massey House II

Today the building is fully restored and functional. As a house museum, it offers visitors a deeply authentic experience. “Because we were able to preserve so much of the original material from the 1690s, 1720s, and 19th century, you can walk through the house and see the different time periods represented by the materials,” notes Milner.

I selected this quote from architect John Milner and Kiley Jacques that I came across in an article online about the restoration of 1696 Thomas Massey House. (FineHomebuilding, article by Kiley Jacques)

What struck me here were the words deeply authentic experience as Jacques describes it.

There is plenty of background to be found in many sources on the history and restoration of Massey House and one in particular can be found online through the courtesy of Ursinus College. In that source I saw the old images of the interior (and exterior) of the house that show what Milner (John Milner Architects) was charged with restoring, as the house had been neglected for decades before he arrived.

Thanks again to Rich Paul for being part of this web series. I am sure Clarissa agrees with me that Rich is one more cool colonial who makes 1696 Thomas Massey House come alive!

Thanks for watching!

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Amazing Movement series replay!

RML YouTube on demand through Labor Day!
Classic Carol!

Carol, what can I say?

I will start every Monday at home with your Amazing Movement video that has become quite a habit with me…one of the few, good ones.

You were so kind to record this summer series for your community and local library, RML. We are calling this replay Classic Carol!

The past few weeks (months!) have been difficult for all of us but you always remind us that it’s a perfect time for personal change.

A good place to start is taking a good, hard look at how we move our bodies throughout the day.

See you at your Library someday soon!


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