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Posted by: Pam | April 17, 2017

inklings meet tomorrow night at The Gryphon

The Inklings Winter 2016

Tuesday night we will return to the Radnor Township Building for a very interesting author event with Jim Garrison. If you heard him talk about his other book, Stone Houses, you won’t want to miss this one.

Garrison is a local architect who shows the best images during his presentation, and off the top of his head, speaks eloquently to them all. And we get lost in the world where we are transported…Barn Porttrait

Meet us Tuesday night, April 18, 7:30PM.

The book features barns around the country, and does include a barn at Ardrossan.

I hope to see you there!



Meet us Monday night, 7PM at the Radnor Township Building for our April conservation film screening. This film follows a young bumblebee queen through the year. You will experience with her the life of the bee and her furry sisters.

Radnor Conservancy, Radnor Bird Town and Radnor Township’s EAC are our partners. The film is free.

I hope to see you there!


Secrets of Bumblebees



Meet us at the Radnor Township Building on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, at 7:30PM for a talk by former Inquirer reporter (and rower) Dotty Brown, author of a new book on Boathouse Row. Radnor Historical Society is our partner for this event.

Brown delves river-deep into the history of the city’s rowing culture and the landmark clubhouses built to further it, as well as some of the city’s most enduring characters. It is the first book to lift the curtain on the little-known culture and history of Philadelphia’s iconic 19th century landmark, revealing stories of passion and perseverance along with hard-won victory.

With more than 160 photographs, Boathouse Row chronicles the “waves of change” as various groups of different races, classes, and genders fought for access to rowing on the Schuylkill River and the sport itself.

Books will be available for purchase.

I hope to see you there!



Boathouse Row_sm

Posted by: Pam | March 27, 2017

inklings meet again tomorrow night!

Come and join our small group at the Gryphon Café in downtown Wayne for an extra night this month. We’ll be meeting on Tuesday, March 28, at 7:00PM.

As always, it’s very casual. The fun part is that our group leader Joe Lynch always has some handouts for us to take away. And a few jokes. All for free!

You’ll find yourself surrounded by others who value good writing as much as you do.

I hope to see you there…


Posted by: Pam | March 20, 2017

Inklings at the Gryphon Café Tuesday night!

The Inklings Winter 2016

Posted by: Pam | March 10, 2017

Up Next: Jackson Hole WILD on Tour film

Light on Earth (1)

Radnor Library and Radnor Conservancy will be screening this hour-long film at Radnor Township Building on Tuesday, February 21 @ 7:00pm. It’s free. I hope you’ll join us.

As a kid, Roderigo Medellin, star of Natural World: The Bat Man of Mexico kept vampire bats. Sometimes, he used his own blood to feed the bats. Yes.

These days all bats have become Medellin’s thing; he has devoted his life to saving and protecting them. Right now the bat man is saving the lesser long-nosed bat. It is also known as the tequila bat because it pollinates the agave plant from which tequila is made.

No lesser long-nosed bats, no tequila.  



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