Posted by: Pam | June 16, 2014

Raptor Rapture in Radnor

The Winsor Room was filled with visitors, falcons, and falconers on June 14, 2014. We immersed ourselves in the fascinating world of birds of prey.

Here are some scenes from Saturday afternoon, starring Scar (about 3 years old) and Ferarri (about 15 years old). Scar got his name due to the digit he is missing. When he arrived in Pennsylvania, he had been injured in a fight and needed surgery to save his life. Dr. Len Donato from Radnor Veterinary Hospital, in Wayne, performed the surgery.

Many thanks to Dwight Lasure and Mark Rose from the Peregrine Club of Philadelphia, both falconers, who shared interesting facts and their personal stories with us.






































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  1. Thanks, Ron. I am a bird nerd and it makes my job a lot of fun! Best of luck with your Chef Tell book. It is always checked out when I look for it at the Library…

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