Posted by: Pam, at RML | September 16, 2020

The Story Behind the Painting

Have you ever wondered about the beautiful painting on the wall in the Children’s Play Area at Radnor Memorial Library?

Come over some time and take a look.

Just before RML opened its doors after an extensive renovation that turned the popular destination into a real “people’s palace” (every palace needs a portrait!) local celebrated artist Anne Graham was commissioned to paint a portrait of Elizabeth Sander by her husband Scott. This short film is the moving story of how it came about.

More about the artist can be found here:

Artist Anne Graham

My story:

Just before RML opened its doors after being closed to the public because of the Covid-19 pandemic I called my very creative friends Anne and Phil Graham and asked them to do us a favor. I told them that on August 24, 2020 we would be opening for patron visits but we knew that many would still be connecting with us on facebook –just as Library users would continue to take advantage of e-books and all the other good things available to our patrons virtually.

What I had in mind was ANYTHING either Anne or Phil felt like doing that we would post on facebook. Studio tour, perhaps? Cows, maybe?


Phil promised he and Anne would be sending something to me but in the meantime we were welcome to chew on this. He knew I would like it, and I knew you would like it, too.

I quickly emailed the video to my new boss (Executive Director of RML) Joyce Platfoot and said here– this is for you. It’s from Phil Graham.

I wondered what was going through her head…

The day after the opening when we felt that we had adjusted to our new routine (temporary!) at the Library, Joyce asked me to come back to her office to take a look. So, as the new Executive Director of Radnor Memorial Library sat there gleefully posting a cow video on RML’s facebook page I said they look perfect!

Two weeks later, the video titled The Story Behind the Painting arrived in my email from Phil.

So how do I write a story about the story behind the painting?

Just like the who, what, when, where, and why of stories that we love are fun to talk about, and write about… so are the paintings we love.

But right now I just want to say take a look.

Thank you, Anne. Thank you, Phil.

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