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One Cool Colonial–Ep. 9: Wildings at 1696 Thomas Massey House

Weeds or Wildings?

In 1993, Clarissa published a paper with that title. Great word, isn’t it? Wildings. I tend to leave the weeds and/or wildings alone. They are actually quite beautiful and some are edible. Just ask your rabbits.

But I always let our 18th century housewife have the last word on that.

Clarissa and I wish to thank Radnor Memorial Library’s new Executive Director, Joyce Platfoot, for announcing in the weekly e-newsletter that Patricia Bixler Reber wrote about Clarissa and her adventures as the star of One Cool Colonial.

This web series was created during the Pandemic that still has a grip on our country and our world.

Reber is a noted food historian who writes at Researching Food and History–Cooking and Dining and you can find her beautiful blog here:

It is an honor and this kind of attention means so much to us. Our intention was to have fun, spend time at Massey House and share something different with our friends and Library patrons. And as Clarissa says– it keeps us out of trouble.

We owe a lot to 1696 Thomas Massey House (Rich Paul) and the writer of the original Philadelphia Inquirer article written a few years ago by Virginia A. Smith.

I now find myself reading the writings of Patricia Bixler Reber for the pure history and joy of it. Historic foodways is what they call it– and a large organization known as ALHFAM seems to me to be the mothership. Kind of like a mother library. Check it out:

Enjoy this NEW episode of One Cool Colonial. If you are like me, then you’ll forget about the weeds and the wildings if you like regular visits from the bunnies.

If you are like Clarissa, then you have some work to do.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and come see us when you can.


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