Posted by: Pam, at RML | August 10, 2020

One Cool Colonial–Episode 7: Upstairs Massey House II

Today the building is fully restored and functional. As a house museum, it offers visitors a deeply authentic experience. “Because we were able to preserve so much of the original material from the 1690s, 1720s, and 19th century, you can walk through the house and see the different time periods represented by the materials,” notes Milner.

I selected this quote from architect John Milner and Kiley Jacques that I came across in an article online about the restoration of 1696 Thomas Massey House. (FineHomebuilding, article by Kiley Jacques)

What struck me here were the words deeply authentic experience as Jacques describes it.

There is plenty of background to be found in many sources on the history and restoration of Massey House and one in particular can be found online through the courtesy of Ursinus College. In that source I saw the old images of the interior (and exterior) of the house that show what Milner (John Milner Architects) was charged with restoring, as the house had been neglected for decades before he arrived.

Thanks again to Rich Paul for being part of this web series. I am sure Clarissa agrees with me that Rich is one more cool colonial who makes 1696 Thomas Massey House come alive!

Thanks for watching!

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