Posted by: Pam, at RML | July 24, 2020

One Cool Colonial–Episode 5: Downstairs Massey House

Way too hot for tending the garden yesterday at 1696 Thomas Massey House.

And I am never the one dressed in period clothing…it’s Clarissa. It is just my privilege to follow this woman around an 18th-century kitchen garden who carries her own basket and her sticks, her bottles and her bucket…

Then there’s me with my own “tools”…none of which are made of wood, copper, iron, or glass.

But as the one with all the excellent ideas, Clarissa asked Rich Paul, VP, Board of Directors earlier in the week if we could film inside the Massey House for this episode. She also invited Rich to tell us all a little about the Massey family and this beautifully-restored hidden gem located in Marple Township, Delaware County. Until yesterday, I had only rushed through the middle room on my way to the kitchen back in May. The rest of it was a mystery.

I wondered if I would have to wait until after some pumpkin harvest to see the rest of the house. And I’m not so sure if Clarissa even grows pumpkins in the kitchen garden.

So, thank you Clarissa and Rich for yesterday.

Yes, it was hot. And yes, you both were probably soaked under all those lovely layers of linen and cotton. I sure hope none of it was wool.

After I posted this episode I was pleasantly surprised to hear from John Dallas Bowers (JDB) my friend and RML patron. I love hearing from people. John reminded me that Clarissa taught in Radnor and that his daughter Jennifer was one of Clarissa’s students.

Not only was Clarissa F. Dillon a teacher for 24 years in Radnor schools, but this episode was launched on July 24th and it was also Clarissa’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Clarissa!

Thank you for watching Episode 5!

One Cool Colonial–Episode 5: Downstairs Massey House

You may have to scroll down to the bottom of the email to link to Inwinsr.

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