Posted by: Pam, at RML | September 19, 2019

Online now: Podcast of Early Radnor

Don’t miss this recording of the historical event that took place in the Winsor Room on Tuesday night, September 17, 2019. Local historian Phil Graham presented his enhanced versions of images of Radnor from long ago… along with stories you’ve never heard before.

The images presented by Graham are part of a permanent installation of vintage photograph reproductions on the wall in the Winsor Room. These images and MORE can be viewed at the Radnor Historical Society website in their archive.


(if the link does not appear on your device, follow the link to inwinsr at the bottom of this email)


  1. Great stuff! Thanks, Pam!!

    (Still hoping we can get our speakers to wear a lavalière so we can record their audio directly, rather than relying on the mic on the distant camera. It will be SO much better!)

    As always…John Dallas Bowers, Villanova


    • Glad you liked it, John! Phil is working on Part II… Thanks, Pam


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