Posted by: Pam, at RML | September 5, 2018

Coming up: Radnor Memorial Library rededication and author event with Kermit Roosevelt III

Please join us for special events in celebration of  the reopening of Radnor Memorial Library!
Rededication of the World War II Memorial
Sunday, September 23 at 6:00 PM
Join the Radnor Memorial Library and members of the local veterans community as we remember those who died for their country in World War II; those whom we knew, and those whose memory we treasure, and all who lived and died in the service of their country.

Winsor Room Flag of the United States of America

An Evening with Kermit Roosevelt
Wednesday, September 26 at 7:00 PM in the Winsor Room
Radnor Memorial Library is pleased to welcome Kermit Roosevelt III, author of Allegiance: A Novel. Based on actual events and real-life figures, Allegiance plunges the reader into the political debate surrounding the imprisonment of thousands of innocent Americans during WWII. This suspenseful novel raises questions about liberty, political power, and is a thoughtful examination of one of the worst civil rights violations in U.S. history.
Kermit Roosevelt is a Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Pennsylvania, a former clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter and an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction. Roosevelt’s law review articles have been cited twice by the Supreme Court. A graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law School, Kermit Roosevelt is a great-great-grandson of United States President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) and the fifth cousin four times removed of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945). Books will be available for purchase. Seating is limited and registration is required.
In the Shadow of the Law


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