Posted by: Pam, at RML | June 12, 2018

Yoga moves

So yesterday I put down my library books and donned my stretchy pants to attend Amy Dolan’s last yoga class at the Wayne Art Center. What a good feeling last night. I saw familiar faces, almost all library users, unrolling their mats in the main gallery.20180611_185903

It was time for me to collect Amy, our yoga teacher, and thank her for teaching her monthly Monday night class away from the Winsor Room for two years since Radnor Library has been under renovation. We were thrilled when Wayne Art Center said they would host us.

She is gracious. She is lovely. She is ever so able in warming you up, stretching you out, and soothing your soul.

We were trying to remember how many years Amy has been Radnor Memorial Library’s yoga teacher. Is it 7 or 8 or 10 years? I’ll have to check…

Next month, on July 9 at 7PM, Amy will be moving back to the Winsor Room and you are all invited to join her. This is an all-age, all-inclusive class. She is hoping to stick to the schedule of the 2nd Monday of each month for your scheduling purposes.

This is your best yoga move, Amy.

See you next time,



Amy Nobles Dolan, yoga teacher, getting ready for Radnor Library’s class at the Wayne Art Center, June, 2018




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