Posted by: Pam, at RML | May 9, 2016

Free, family-friendly yoga moves to the Wayne Art Center


Radnor Memorial Library yoga class has moved to the Wayne Art Center!

The Library’s longtime yoga teacher, Amy Dolan, will continue to teach our free, family-friendly yoga class (held one designated Monday @ 7pm, once a month) at the Wayne Art Center while the Library prepares to transform its own space in the very near future.

Here are the summer dates for the Radnor Library yoga class at the Wayne Art Center:

May 9

June 6

July 18

August 8

Visit Amy Dolan at

Or, call Pam at the Library, 610-687-1124 x62.

We really appreciate the Wayne Art Center for their generosity and the beautiful space they can provide for us. Our plan is to continue the classes at Wayne Art Center throughout the Library renovation. So, please watch for more dates to be announced in the future.

amy dolan

Thanks, Amy, for being so flexible.





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