Posted by: Pam, at RML | April 22, 2016

For freedom fighters…and one Union soldier

Frederick DouglassOn Thursday, April 27, 7:30PM, s scene from Young Frederick Douglass will be presented in the Winsor Room. The Beacon Theater Production and full-length play was written by Walt Vail and is directed by John Mullany.

Months ago, in the planning stage, I scheduled the Adolph Rosengarten tribute in the Winsor Room to follow a week after the Frederick Douglass play performance. Little did I know that I would stumble on some information that links them together.

In 1859, Douglass and Harriet Tubman were both asked, independently, by John Brown to take part in his failed raid on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry. (For more on this, read James McBride’s Good Lord Bird). During the same year, an ancestor of Adolph Rosengarten, Joseph George Rosengarten, was travelling through Harpers Ferry (or, attempting to!) and was witness to the raid, saw John Brown wounded and spent, and years later wrote a vivid account of the raid in an Atlantic Monthly article in 1865. Joseph George Rosengarten ended up joining the Union Army and fought with distinction at the Battle of Fredericksburg.

And now that Harriet Tubman will be the new face on the $20 bill, I welcome another freedom fighter of Maryland’s Eastern Shore to run parallel with our back-to-back upcoming events. This just fuels my passion for Eastern Shore’s Civil War Trail that is all Douglass and Tubman.

Please mark your calendar and join me on this special night at your Library.




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