Posted by: Pam, at RML | September 9, 2015

Making Moments and Memories: Lessons Learned Gardening at Great Dixter and Chanticleer

The Community Garden Club at Wayne and Radnor Memorial Library 

invite you to a presentation by Emma Rush Seniuk 

on Thursday, September 10, 6:30PM


Cut-Flower Gardener at Chanticleer Garden in Wayne since 2012, Ms. Seniuk was a North American Christopher Lloyd Scholar at Great Dixter House and Gardens, East Sussex, England in 2011. We look forward to hearing Emma talk about her work at Chanticleer and her experiences at Great Dixter, including the plants, techniques, and the people who have shaped these wonderful places.

Please join us for our first event of the fall calendar of events at Radnor Memorial Library. If you have not received a newsletter in the mail, then be sure to stop by and pick up a schedule at the Circulation Desk.

Enjoy the rest of the summer !


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