Posted by: Pam, at RML | July 21, 2015

Not your average Joe


North Creek Nurseries–what a fine place to put down roots! (to the trade only)

If you don’t know this handsome American native, there’s still time for you to get acquainted with Joe Pye…

Radnor Memorial Library would like to thank North Creek Nurseries in Oxford, PA  for donating 50 Joe Pye Weed plants to our Wild Summer Conservation Film Series. Special thanks to the very gracious Brigitte Crawford for handling our request.

Because of their generosity, the Library and Radnor Conservancy, along with Radnor Bird Town and Radnor Township’s EAC, could take action right away by giving the plants away to the folks who attended last week’s conservation film in the Winsor Room. By this time, they are all in the ground taking root so that next year the butterflies and all their friends will feast on them.

I hope to see you at the last film in the series on August 26 at 7PM. It will be Flight of the Butterflies. We had technical difficulties last week and had to screen Bird Brain ahead of schedule.

This summer we have given away milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, and 2 copies of Doug Tallamy’s book, Bringing Nature Home. I wonder what we’ll do next…

I hope to see you at the next film–



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