Posted by: Pam, at RML | June 26, 2015

under milk weed

Here are my little bantam hens (Ellie, Tina, and Grace) sun bathing under the one-year-old milkweed that I planted last summer. I am so proud that the girls haven’t munched on it or dug it up. It could be that since chickens feel the vibration of the earth, they suspect there are Monarchs somewhere in the neighborhood who need to lay their eggs on the leaves. Ever since last week’s screening of Kingdom of Plants, I now know that animals and plants have secrets that they share in mysterious ways…


Last summer was the very first Wild Summer Conservation Film Series at Radnor Memorial Library. We are doing it again this summer, and so far we have screened 2 films and had close to 40 people in attendance. We found our films in Jackson Hole, at their biennial Wildlife Film Festival.

Jackson Hole Film Festival

We had a choice of what to screen and naturally decided to pick the winners from 2013. After both films, we gave away milkweed plants– just like last year.


Leftover milkweed on the front porch, soaking up the raindrops

On July 15 at 7PM, we will screen the next film, Flight of the Butterflies, after which we will give away Joe Pye Weed. The name of this plant makes me smile, even though I know there are folks out there who would like to rename it. Butterflies really love this plant.

Radnor Library and its partners for the film series, Radnor Conservancy, Radnor Bird Town, and Radnor Township’s EAC, would like to thank North Creek Nurseries  in Oxford, PA for their generous donation of Joe Pye Weed.

Last summer they donated plants, too. I can’t wait to make the drive to pick them up. This place is a wholesale company and I am picturing greenhouses as far as the eye can see!

I hope to see you at the next film–



  1. Thanks Pam. My milkweed has been planted but I only saw bugs!



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