Posted by: Pam, at RML | January 9, 2015

Meet Peter Binzen, Author of Richardson Dilworth: The Last Of The Bare-Knuckled Aristocrats

Come to the Library on Tuesday, January 13, 7:30PM to meet Peter Binzen –veteran Philadelphia Bulletin and Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, editor, and columnist. Binzen brings Richardson Dilworth back to life in his lively new book, Richardson Dilworth: The Last Of The Bare-Knuckled Aristocrats.  

Richardson Dilworth, a member of a wealthy Pittsburgh family, was an outspoken, risk-taking lover of cities, especially Philadelphia. Dilworth served Philadelphia throughout his long career as DA, Mayor, School Board President and successful lawyer.

Peter Binzen worked for more than 30 years at The Bulletin and for more than 20 years at The Inquirer!

Binzen is the author of both The Wreck of the Penn Central and The Cop Who Would Be King—and other books, throughout his long career.

Books will be available for purchase.

See you at the Library!


Peter Binzen

Richardson Dilworth

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