Posted by: Pam, at RML | July 31, 2014

Bee Friends


I love these shots from last night’s screening of Vanishing of the Bees.

But my little phone camera is no substitute for a real camera. Must get one, soon…

We were thrilled to have such a large crowd for this important film about the honey bees. I just know that everyone there could have been outside in their garden talking to their tomatoes and flirting with their fireflies, but instead, they came out to the second film of the Wild Summer Conservation Film Series. And that is precisely why we had a gift for everyone after the presention was over.


Our guest speaker, Warren Graham, said he was inspired by the film and was happy to have finally seen it. Warren is a Master Beekeeper, third generation, who oversees the bee population at Ridley Creek State Park, Linvilla Orchards, Red Hill Farm and other places. Talk about a busy bee…

As a member of Eastern Apicultural Society, the PA State Beekeepers Association, and the Chester County Beekeepers Association, Warren is a determined mentor of young beekeepers. He also has experience as a Pennsylvania State Bee Inspector.

Many thanks to our honey-of-a-beekeeper Colin Hingley!  Earlier in the day, Colin journeyed to North Creek Nurseries in Oxford, PA, to collect the mountain mint plants (bees love it) that the nursery so generously donated to the Library and its partners for the film series: Radnor Conservancy, Radnor Bird Town, and Radnor Township’s EAC.

On August 27, at 7:00pm, we will be screening the third and final film of the series, Birders: The Central Park Effect.

Enjoy your wild and wonderful summer, friends!

See you at the Library,


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