Posted by: Pam, at RML | January 16, 2014

The Chef Tell re-tell–author Ron Kule

I am sending you some pictures from Tuesday night’s author event with Ron Kule. Ron is the author of  Chef Tell: The Biography of America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef.

Ron Kule

We really enjoyed having Ron here to talk with us about Chef Tell. We were all ears when Ron read the chapter on Chef Tell at the Strafford Inn, that was right here in Wayne. What fun we had listening to the Chef Tell stories many people shared that night. It got really late and I didn’t have time to tell my own story.

It was long ago (70’s? 80’s?) when  I went with my friend Barbara Schoor (friend of Tell’s) to the Chef’s  apartment somewhere in Gwynedd. It was a party. A lot of his staff were supposed to be there. I think I was only invited so I would sing and play my guitar. So I went. As soon as I got there, Chef Tell said goodnight and went to bed. 

All the really good stuff is right here in the podcast created by Tom Ellis, videographer… without whom this gem of a short film would not exist.

program kule 001

Ron Kule

Ted Pollard, Ron Kule, Pam Sedor, Doug Brown

Ted Pollard, Ron Kule, Pam Sedor, Doug Brown


  1. To Pam Sedor, the Radnor Memorial Library and Radnor Historical Society and each and every one of the attendees to the author’s event: THANK YOU!

    I feel honored to have been invited to speak and I had a blast sharing anecdotes and reading from the biography of Chef Tell. Listening to the stories shared by others — besides meeting each one of them — was a wonderful thrill and memory that I will cherish for some time to come.


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