Posted by: Pam, at RML | December 4, 2012

Film screening to honor pioneering environmentalist Rachel Carson

To honor the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, Radnor Memorial Library and Radnor Conservancy will screen the film, A Sense of Wonder, on Wednesday, December 5 @ 7:30pm in the Winsor Room.


sense of wonder

We invited literary agent Fran Collin, sole trustee u-w-o Rachel Carson, to introduce the 60-minute documentary-style film that focuses on the last year of Carson’s life when she battles cancer and her critics, in the wake of publishing Silent Spring. Using the author’s own writings as the basis for the film, writer and actress Kaiulani Lee provides an intimate glimpse of Carson as she is thrust into the role of controversial public figure.

Within a decade of Rachel Carson’s death, a new era of environmental protection had dawned. America gained a Clean Air Act, a Clean Water Act, a National Environmental Policy Act, and numerous other pieces of legislation designed to protect and preserve the natural world.

rachel carson

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