Posted by: Pam, at RML | November 29, 2012

More on Michael Metrinko

Michael Metrinko, Ted Pollard, Pam Sedor
Michael Metrinko in the Winsor Room at Radnor Memorial Library.

If you were unable to attend last night’s presentation on Afghanistan with Michael Metrinko, videographer Giulia Headly from Studio 21 was there to record the event. I did not get a chance to thank Giulia for her patience…we were there for over 2 hours. I would love to see this recording someday.

As I roamed the Web yesterday, looking for background on Michael to use in my introduction of him, I came across the fact that Michael Metrinko was awarded the State Department Award for Valor for his time as a hostage in Iran and another Award for his daring rescue of Americans who had been jailed in Tabriz months before the Tehran Embassy take-over. I didn’t know enough about that heroic act to ask questions last night but I asked Michael about it and he said, yes, and someone wrote a book about it if you are interested in knowing what happened in Tabriz in 1979. The author of the book is Tom Burchill, the book is dedicated to Michael, and it can be purchased through Amazon. Forever grateful I am that my cousin Michele Metrinko Rollins has parties in Delaware where I can catch up with Michael and ask him too many questions.

See you all next week on Tuesday, December 5 @ 7:30 when we screen a film (1 hour) on the life of pioneering environmentalist, Rachel Carson.

Thanks to all of my partners and to all of you for a great fall season of events …


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