Posted by: Pam, at RML | October 10, 2012

Last Night in the Winsor Room…author of Elizabeth the Queen, Sally Bedell Smith–

Enjoy these pictures taken last night when the Library and Radnor Historical Society hosted bestselling author Sally Bedell Smith.

The podcast is available here for your viewing pleasure if you were unable to attend the author event. Thanks to Tom Ellis, our amazing videographer who stayed up last night editing it for vimeo. And to Lynn Ellis, you are a most efficient bookseller!

This was a great event with Smith for many reasons: Ellen Aman was there to introduce the author, my friend Elisabeth Braun came to catch up with her friend Sally from those days in NYC, and I asked Sally why my cousin Michele Rollins is in the index of her book. Long story there…as again many worlds did collide that night in the Winsor Room!


Sally Bedell Smith and Elisabeth Braun
Sally Bedell Smith and George Aman
Ellen Aman and Ted Pollard
Jean Converse, Ellen Aman, Ted Pollard, Sally Bedell Smith, Pam Sedor


  1. What an interesting talk! Thanks for posting this, Pam.


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