Posted by: Pam, at RML | November 7, 2011

Famed WWII “Easy Company” Veteran Edward “Babe” Heffron Visits Radnor Library

Join us for a Veteran’s Day event, presented in partnership with Radnor Historical Society and Bateman Gallagher American Legion Post 668, on Wednesday, November 9, 7:30pm.

If you watched the outstanding, award-winning HBO miniseries Band of Brothers (based on the book by Stephen Ambrose) you will recall Babe’s portrayal as one of the guys from South Philly, a private who was with Easy Company, 2nd Battallion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in the 101st Airborne Division in the Army.

“Wild Bill” Guarnere was also portrayed in the series, and like Babe, fought in several major battles including Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands and the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne, Belgium.

Eighty-eight year old Babe Heffron, is co-author of Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends: Two WWII Paratroppers from the Original Band of Brothers Tell Their Stories. Babe’s co-author is his close friend, fellow paratrooper, Wild Bill Guarnere.

Guarnere can’t be with us because he has a committment in New Orleans and implores us to have a good time without him. It looks to me like both men have no plans on letting the dust settle on their boots anytime soon. I heard that Heffron just returned from a trip to Virginia and will soon be headed up to West Point.

On Wednesday night, Babe will talk about his portrayal in the miniseries, his book, and his post-war life. I’m sure he has some good stories…that are really history lessons for us all. We’ll have books available for purchase.





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