Posted by: Pam, at RML | October 22, 2011

Indiana Jones and the last speakers

A fantastic little film, The Linguists, ( was screened at Radnor Memorial Library earlier in October. Members of the Library and Radnor Historical Society and many guests gathered to watch a poignant and pretty funny documentary about 2 professors/linguists who travel around the world documenting languages on the verge of extinction. One of the linguists who co-stars in the film is Swarthmore Professor and National Geographic Fellow, Dr. K. David Harrison. A real life Indiana Jones, Harrison will visit Radnor on Wednesday, October 26 at 7:30pm. (other credits: Professor/linguist Gregory Anderson is Harrison’s partner in the film).

Dr. K. David Harrison

Harrison, head of National Geographic’s Enduring Voices Project, is the author of The Last Speakers: The Quest to Save the World’s Most Endangered Languages

Part travelogue and part scientist’s notebook, The Last Speakers shares the eloquent reflections of individuals who know they may be the last people to speak their native languages.

When the adventurer swings into town next Wednesday, you’ll get to meet the Indiana Jones of linguistics and hear him talk about his holy grail. We’ll have books available, just in case your quest is to capture a chronicle of the extinction crisis that threatens many languages worldwide. This is another exciting author event presented by the Library and Radnor Historical Society!

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