Posted by: Pam, at RML | September 23, 2011

Book talk confidential: David E. still loves Radnor L.! (the Eisenhower podcast)

Really! I hope Easttown Library isn’t listening because, yes, that’s what David Eisenhower said. Julie Eisenhower said that Radnor Library was where David went to do his research (for the Eisenhower’s book, Going Home to Glory) back in the ’90’s when their children were small and he needed to get out of the house.

This was before David started teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. I can even remember our visiting author answering a few reference questions when we got busy!

I’ll stop there because it’s more fun to hear Julie and David Eisenhower tell their own stories. Great things, these podcasts, they are portable and ready when you are…

Many thanks to Tom and Lynn Ellis for all their help with this production.

Some pictures from Wednesday night are here, too.

Rory Paolantonio and Mary Paolantonio

David Eisenhower, Helen Grommell McGrane, Pat Hartel

Marty Costello with Rory and Mary Paolantonio

Marty Costello and Stephen Paolantonio


Pattie Booker and Helen Grommell McGrane

Marty Costello, Pat Hartel, Kathy Mulroy, Michael Burg with Julie Nixon Eisenhower

Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Pam Sedor, David Eisenhower

Pat Hartel, Marty Costello, Kathy Mulroy, Michael Burg, Linda Burg, with Julie Nixon Eisenhower and David Eisenhower

Marty Costello with Ted Pollard and Nancy Fischer from Radnor Historical Society

The Eisenhowers

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