Posted by: Pam, at RML | July 11, 2011

Some new tracks for the Main Line: Tom Breiding sings

Tom Breiding, Pennsylvania Humanities Council speaker/performer, delivered tracks on Friday night…tracks from his many cds that is. We loved hearing his songs about growing up in West Virginia where ducks and chickens were at your feet on the wooden floor of the local hardware store. Tom sang of Pittsburgh— “birthplace of the 8-hour day”— and the dark history of striking miners in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. We were moved by his heartfelt and meaningful musical stories that need to be told.

 How lucky we were to have Tom visit all the way from Pittsburgh for a one-night engagement here in Wayne. Many thanks to Tom, The PHC, Tom Ellis for recording this concert, Kevin Nolan for supplying refreshments, and Lou Prevost from The Radnor Hotel for overnight accomodations for Mr. Breiding.

If you missed the concert, click here to watch it whenever you want to:


Tom Breiding

Helen Grommell-McGrane on spoons!


Charles Kline, Tom Ellis, Bob Bryan


Helen Grommell-McGrane and Bobby


Tom Breiding

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