Posted by: Pam, at RML | March 16, 2011

Absolutely Astronomical, Dr. Pitts!

So what did Derrick Pitts talk about?

Our esteemed guest talked about the billions and billions of galaxies, elusive Mars, the now-antiquated Hubble Space Telescope…and the billions and billions of dollars it takes to keep NASA going.

Derrick is thrilled to have met the 23 year old driver of a Mars rover. Really. He also loves his smartphone…a lot. He is an excellent communicator — with a command of the English language that I haven’t heard in a very long time.

There was, of course, the time Dr. Pitts traveled on vacation  with Scott Carpenter, and the shuttle launches that he witnessed, and most recently, the time he helped President Obama’s family look through a telescope on the White House lawn…

Pitts also talked about the past, present, and future of the space program and how it will inevitably be commercialized. In fact, the commercialization is already happening in the U.S. and the airport (?) is under construction out west.  I don’t recommend reserving your seat right now, unless you are prepared to pay about $200,000. Wait ’til the price comes down. Or, if you have millions, you can still visit outerspace with the Russians!

Leslie Bowes with Derrick Pitts

Thanks to Tom Ellis for recording this event. Check back to INWINSOR  for the podcast that should be ready in a few days.

If you are interested in joining Radnor Conservancy at Eastern University on Tuesday, March 29, 7:30pm for a stellar opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the night sky,  call 610-688-8202.

John Fischer, Pam Sedor, Derrick Pitts, Leslie Bowes, Sara Lupkas


  1. Pam: Folks interested in seeing the video of Dr. Pitts’ presentation may find it at


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