Posted by: Pam, at RML | November 17, 2010

Happy Beth Day!

…and we had cake, of course! The cake was in celebration of Beth’s recent induction into the RHS Hall of Fame…wow, Beth, along with Lee Daniels (director of the film “Precious”) and other special people who have had an impact on the world.

It was a beautiful evening with local author Beth Kephart Tuesday night…we listened to Beth read from her enchanting new book, Dangerous Neighbors. I would like to thank  all of the wonderful beth-book-huggers, friends and relatives, writers and students, colleagues and mentors, young adults and parents, who braved the not-so-great weather conditions to join us in the Winsor Room to honor the author. My evening was extra special because my colleague and Young Adult Librarian, Molly Carroll, partnered with me for the planning and hosting of this special event. Jim Heck was there from Studio 21 to record Beth’s talk, and Bill Sulit, technical  advisor, was there working overtime (according to his wife, Beth Kephart). I am so pleased that Hannah Schwartz, owner of Children’s Book World of Haverford, was there to handle the book sales for the Library.

It put a smile on my face and brought a tear to my eye when I saw Melissa Middleman Ferman…a Cabrini College graduate, who came all the way from Delaware (below the canal) to hear Beth’s talk. In the rain. Melissa and I worked together at Huntingdon Valley Library in the ’80’s…she was a page, and still a high school student back then. I wasn’t a Librarian in those days…but I am sure one of the reasons I am a Librarian today is because of my experience working with a lovely young lady named Melissa. She is now married, a mother of twins and it turns out Melissa is a blogging friend of Beth’s, too. We are all living in this very small world –even smaller now, with the Interweb 🙂

Pam Sedor, Beth Kephart, Molly Carroll

Chris Mills, Elizabeth Mosier, Horace Kephart

Author Beth Kephart signing books at Radnor Memorial Library

Elizabeth Mosier and Hannah Schwartz


  1. It was a wonderful night! Thanks so much to you and Molly for coordinating it for us.


  2. Thank you for hosting this wonderful program!


    • Laurie,
      Thanks so much for coming to the Beth Day Party! I heard your Wicked Girls dramatic reading was excellent. I appreciate your comments so much…


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