Posted by: Pam, at RML | November 4, 2010

…and may Fred be with you!

That’s how Stephen Fried signed his books last night…however that’s my own exclamation point, so that I may convey to the readers of the world, that this book talk was a BLAST! 🙂

The author left his audience totally captivated with his very lively presentation on Fred Harvey…and of course, wondering how the story ends. Well, you’ll just have to buy the book. It is RARE to find the Library’s copy on the shelf these days. Fried is a very gifted storyteller and researcher, and you will LOVE this book, just as  the reviewers in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the list goes on. My favorite review was from Roz Shea of

…Once in a while you pick up a book that prompts you to make a list of people you simply must recommend it to. That is Appetite for America.

 My thanks to Radnor Historical Society, our co-sponsors, and all the Society members who were there to hear Stephen Fried’s exciting book talk. We were lucky to catch Stephen, at home in Philadelphia, in between his book talks that take him all around the country.

Visit Stephen Fried’s cool website!

Thanks to our videographer, Tom Ellis, for recording this event, (another podcast!) and to Lynn Ellis, for handling the sale of Appetite for America for us. I want to thank my colleague, Mary Jane “M.J.” Hamsher for loving this book and asking me to bring the author to Radnor. And to Cathy Siple, who delivered the delicious donuts.


Brent and his mother


Lynn Ellis and Stephen Fried (seated), John and Nancy Fischer

Pat and Art Hartel getting their book signed

Pam with Stephen Fried




  1. Pam: Those interested in viewing the Appetite for America video may find it at


  2. Tom,
    …and the Fred was with you, too! You are the visionary videographer…so many great events, and you manage to produce these podcasts in so little time. See you in January when RML and RHS join forces again to bring interesting programs to our community. Until 2011, may the force be with us all 🙂


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