Posted by: Pam, at RML | October 28, 2010

The bodies in the library

 What an unusual and most interesting book talk last night with Professor Kathleen M. Brown, author of Foul Bodies: Cleanliness In Early America. Thank you, Tom Ellis, for recording the book talk for the Library and Radnor Historical Society.  Before long, the podcast will be added to our ever-expanding, virtual reference library of past author events and presentations sponsored by the Library and the Society.

After her book talk, Professor Brown left bodies in the Library (don’t worry, Tom got that on film, too).

Pam Sedor with Professor Kathleen M. Brown































...more bodies in the library


So, if you are intrigued by the title of the book and want to learn more about our very foul founding fathers (and mothers), call or stop in the Library and reserve it for yourself. Professor Brown very generously donated a copy to the Library!




 Oh, and Happy Halloween!                                 


  1. Pam: folks interested in viewing the video of the Foul Bodies presentation may access it at Tom


    • Tom, YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!! Great job, Tom!!! I just saw the beginning and will see the rest after work. I will put it in the blog… See you Wednesday, I hope…no basketball, right?



  2. Tom,
    I have even had calls about the podcast…so you should know how valuable your recordings are to not just RHS and RML, but to our virtual admirers, too. Hope to see you at Stephen Fried’s book talk…


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