Posted by: Pam, at RML | July 8, 2010

Authentic, upbeat…and forgetting the heat

Great music and some local history last night in the Winsor Room, thanks to Judy Marti and of course, our benefactors, the Pennsylvania Humanities Council.

There we were, under the porch (instead of on it) to get out from the sizzling temperature… but we had plenty of good company and banjos, to boot! I was wondering where all these banjo players came from…surely an underground group of folks, Lynn and I whispered. They came  from as far away as West Chester, I overheard.

What a treat to hear Huston West (from Milkboy) play his banjo and sing his tunes for us. So many notes in these banjo tunes, and so up-tempo that it amazes me there’s a melody in there, too! And you can’t help but smile and think about Pete Seeger or “Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou”…or really now, the Beverly Hillbillies.

I lucked out when Tom Ellis showed up (with his banjo) and offered to record Judy’s performance. So as soon as it’s ready, I will link you to the podcast right here from the blog.

My best friend Kevin Nolan (even though we’ve never met) of Nolan Painting supplied us with beverages and his signature popcorn …which is the best popcorn around and we wonder what his secret is. Staff member Hannah Volpert was our greeter and I thank her for helping out on such short notice.

Lynn Ellis and Tom Ellis at the workshop. That's Radnor Memorial Library trustee Tom Glynn in the background.

Banjo Workshop with Judy Marti

Huston West warming up the audience before Judy Marti

Hannah Volpert (Thanks, Hannah!)

More banjo players at the workshop


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