Posted by: Pam, at RML | June 9, 2010

Syrian Footprints: Photography by Elisabeth Braun in the Library lobby with discussion on June 22

Throughout the month of June, a photography exhibit of Syria will be displayed in the Library lobby. Traveler, writer, photographer and Villanova resident Elisabeth Braun last presented  The Other Pakistan exhibit here at Radnor Memorial Library in June 2009.

The Middle East has been in the news again lately as political forces jettison one region against the other with uncertain outcomes for individual countries and their people. Syria has also been pulled into this quagmire and we often forget that Syria is a multi-faceted country with many cultural layers and civilizations that reach back millennia. But Syria also strives for modernity in hopes that the traditional and the modern can coexist comfortably.

I hope to see you at the Library for Elisabeth’s talk on Tuesday, June 22 at 7:30pm. Take part in what promises to be an interesting discussion following the presentation of these striking photographs. In addition, all the photographs are for sale and Elisabeth will generously donate all proceeds to the Library!

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