Posted by: Pam, at RML | May 22, 2010

So where do book donations go?

To the BIG BOOK SALE in the Winsor Room, of course! 

Judy Clifford

Judy Clifford and The Friends of the Library invite you to their BIG BOOK SALE (and the BEST one, according to our sources) so here’s what you need to know:

Friday, June 4, 6-9pm is the preview sale for the Friends of the Library
Saturday, June 5, 9am-5pm and on Sunday, June 6, 1-5pm.
But before your donations get to the Winsor Room, they are stored in the Library basement after being unloaded, unpacked, shelved, boxed– then sorted by the most wonderful and hard-working (strong, too!) Friends –who volunteer to work on this fabulous event at Radnor Memorial Library. The amount of money that the Friends raise would blow you away…I’ll let you know after the dust settles. If you want to know more about the Friends, here is a link to an article by Library Friend Anne Minicozzi–
Pictured here are some (I’m still working on more snapshots) of these most precious peeps who toil away, all hours of the day, getting ready for the big sale…                                                  


Michael Lefkowitz

Susan Farber

Lori Butko

Kevin Butko

Liz Ness


Dale Schmidt

George Schmidt

Judy Clifford

Joyce Randolph

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