Posted by: Pam, at RML | April 22, 2010

For Judy Wicks it’s all about relationships

If you heard Judy Wicks’ talk on Wednesday night in the Winsor Room, you came away with some strong messages as I did.  Messages like, “a fair price, not the lowest price”, “a living return, not the highest return” and  “after basic needs are met, it’s about being more, not having more.”

Pam Sedor and Judy Wicks

For Judy, business is about relationships with everyone we buy from, sell to, and work with. As founder and former owner of the White Dog Cafe, living and working at the famous Philadelphia restaurant not only gave Judy a stronger sense of place, but a different business outlook. Judy is more likely to make decisions from the heart, not just from the head, and those decisions were more likely to be in the best interests of the employees, customers, neighbors, and suppliers she saw every day.  

This is the basic principle of the local living economy movement. Establishing a local economy, producing goods with local resources, and providing the labor for local consumption is just what the Radnor Conservancy is doing.  Judy Wicks was invited here to share her own experiences and support the efforts of the Conservancy.

Rather than growing our size, sales, and profits, we can grow in better ways without destroying the planet. 

Judy with Leslie Bowes, Charles Kline, John Fischer

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