Posted by: Pam, at RML | February 16, 2010

Lisa Fischer on reconstructing 18th century Williamsburg for a second time

Lisa Fischer (center)

The Radnor Historical Society along with Radnor Memorial Library invited Lisa Fischer from historic Colonial Williamsburg to the Library for a talk last night.  It was cold outside and cold inside…the  heat wasn’t working but it didn’t seem to matter. The Winsor Room was packed with almost 70 people and we were  warm for sure! 

Ms. Fischer, Director of the Digital History Center of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, talked to us about the use of digital technologies at Williamsburg. The Foundation is working hard to bring 18th century Virginia to the Internet…and into your home! In her presentation, Lisa showed us an online interactive map that allows the user to examine how the town changed during the 1700’s.  If you missed the event, you can visit the website of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and see the fantastic things they are doing there.  

This event was recorded by our good friend Tom Ellis and you can watch it here:

Colonial Williamsburg is more than 500 restored and reconstructed buildings, acres and acres of land, and a staff of thousands. I haven’t been there in 25 years and it’s probably time to go back…

Thank you all, for letting me capture you in my blog: Lisa Fischer, Nancy Fischer, John Fischer, Kimberley Donches, Jack, Charles Kline, Beverlee Barnes, Trevor Drake , Anne Albright


  1. Interested viewers may link to a video of Lisa’s presentation at


    • Thanks, Tom.That was done in Olympic time! I’ll check it out…


  2. Tom, just watched it…so clear, visually, and the sound quality was just as good after the mic was turned off. I don’t think the mic liked the laptop sitting next to it. Someday, we will reconstruct the Winsor Room for a second time and install the AV we need for presentations! Kathy (Director) is working on it…


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