Posted by: Pam, at RML | February 5, 2010

Sunday afternoon book talk with Homa Sabet Tavangar

Great picture, isn’t it? I found it on the Web.

Local author Homa Sabet Tavangar will be in the Winsor Room on Sunday, February 7 at 2pm to talk about her new book, “Growing Up Global: Raising Children To Be At Home In The World”.

It is now Sunday, and the Library will open for your business at 1pm and this author event will begin at 2pm! I have been looking forward to this program and hope you’ve dug yourself out and can come over. The Library lot has been plowed and you’ll get a parking space. Drive gently and walk extra carefully…

The author (who lives in Berwyn) has been on a whirlwind book tour and is making appearances all over the country. The book is published by Random House and has been named by Scholastic magazine as best new book for parents in 2009. Dr. Jane Goodall gave her endorsement of 2009 to Tavangar’s book, among accolades and high praise. Growing Up Global  helps parents to raise children with a global perspective.

We will also have books for purchase at the event. Haven’t planned a snow date and if we need to, you’ll hear about it here.

Ryan Richards interviewed Homa for the February 4th issue of the Suburban and you can read it here:

                                                                                             Hope to see you on Sunday!!!

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