Posted by: Pam, at RML | January 13, 2010

Businesses in Radnor: An Oral History

Cardy Crawford at Radnor Memorial Library

Business Oral History Panel, from left: Art Forster, John Braxton, Bob D’Amicantonio, Lou D’Amicantonio, Vince Cappelli, Cardy Crawford
Moderator Cardy Crawford with Business Oral History Panel members Vince Cappelli, Lou D’Amicantonio, Bob D’Amicantonio
Radnor business owners who were selected by Radnor Historical Society for the Business Oral History Panel at the Library on January 12, 2010

A packed house for the Business Oral History Panel on January 12, 2010

A big thank you to all Radnor Historical Society members and other guests for a grand time last night! I am guessing we had 75 people in the Winsor Room at the Library…maybe more.

hmm…do you think this is where everyone in Wayne goes in the winter…SOUTH WAYNE ?

I sent pictures to Ryan Richards of Main Line Media News but he said I missed the deadline for Thursday’s Suburban. He said send them anyway and he will try and get them in the paper next week.

Many thanks to our business owners who participated in this event:  John Braxton, Vince Cappelli, Bob D’Amicantonio, Lou D’Amicantonio, Art Forster and moderator, Cardy Crawford. My appreciation for Tom Costello and Nancy Costello showing up early to help set the stage, Kathy Siple for the yummy homemade cookies, and Tom Ellis for recording the event.

Tom just sent a link to the program if you’d like to watch it:

p.s. Ryan did put a picture in the January 20 issue of the Suburban!



Nancy Costello, Radnor Historical Society

Nancy Fischer and John Dale

Karen Brown and Doug Brown

Evie Giegerich and Lynn Ellis

Peter Craig, Edward W. Mullinix, Virginia L. Mullinix

Ted Pollard and Andrea Pilling

Tom Costello, Liz McNerlin Collins, Nancy Costello,

Tom Ellis and Jim Collins

Admiring the businesses’ memorabilia on display: Martha Dale, Greg Prichard, Tom Ellis

Jim Giegerich and Bob D’Amicantonio

Sandy Crawford, Nancy Fischer, John Fischer, Kathy Siple

OK, now it’s Art’s turn…

Bob and Lou



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