Posted by: Pam, at RML | December 17, 2009

Working in a winter wonderland

Such a busy time of year, we know…but it’s your Library and we thought you’d want to know what’s going on. Some very unusual things have been happening at the Library. Of course, it all started in the Winsor Room…

A man dressed in RED who visited the Winsor Room in DECEMBER (Secret Santa?)


…it was early December when a man dressed in red came to an author book talk in the Winsor Room. He stayed in the back of the room (near the punch and cookies) and we just thought he was there to enjoy the photography talk by Laura Beardsley. When the talk was over he said ‘and to all a good night’, grabbed a few more cookies, then left.  

 Then a few weeks later I’m checking into this blog and see a totally unexpected link to a video of Laura’s talk that took place that night in the Winsor Room. Now wait, there’s more…  

Just today, a mysterious comment appears on the blog from a man who calls himself “Tom”. Well, now I am really confused. I’m thinking who would so generously give us a video of our very own program and not send a bill for their services? So far as I know, only Santa would do something like that. And then I am thinking back to that night of the program and the man dressed in red…it makes me wonder about things.
 Then on a Monday morning later in December,we open the Library as usual, and in the lobby is the most beautiful Christmas tree, decorated with all natural ornaments and lit up like…well, you know, like a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!
The tree had a little sign under it that said “Courtesy of the Community Garden Club of Wayne”. All of us wondered who would go out and get a real tree, bring it to the Library, drag it into the lobby, decorate it…and not send us a bill for the tree and all that work?
To all of you who give to the Library…rest assured, we notice. Whether it’s a video or a tree–we appreciate all of your efforts. And because of your book donations, it feels like Christmas all year ’round! The Friends of the Library sell your donations at book sales and raise thousands of dollars for the Library. If you are wondering why you receive an appeal from the Library itself, in addition to the Friends’ appeal, that is because more dollars are still needed to purchase books, dvd’s etc. and keep the doors open for business.
We are so fortunate to have very special Library volunteers who never fail to show up here like clockwork. We are grateful for all the time the volunteers give us in the book sale…especially Judy Clifford and all her elves. We are thankful for the board members who help us to achieve greatness all year long.
I just noticed that there is snow falling on my keyboard as I type these lines…and I am filled with wonder.
Our beauty full tree in the lobby of the Library


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