Posted by: Pam, at RML | December 9, 2009

Bringing the outdoors IN for the holidays!

Ta Da!

Helen and Heather
Kathy and Sara


Pam and Anne


Heather with Tootie (an elf!)


Heather Potter leading the workshop; Heather is owner of Cottage Flowers in Malvern

Maria, it looks gorgeous!

Lindsay (elf-in-chief) and Ruth
Jeffrey, Yu mei (center) and Ruth

Wreaths have always been symbolic and the display of wreaths can be traced to the earliest civilizations. Remains of rings of flowers and sprigs 4500 years old were discovered in a burial pyramid in Egypt. The use of evergreens and wreaths as symbols of eternal life was an ancient custom of the Chinese and the Hebrews, among other peoples.

Year after year, the Library offers  the wreath decorating workshop and as always, Heather Potter of Cottage Flowers in Malvern is here to conduct the evening fun! We are totally intoxicated with smells of balsam and pine, holly and eucalyptus…and those lingering memories of all the holidays past.
When we’re finished, we joke about going home and showing our spectacular displays on the front door, which of course announces to the world that we are ready for the holidays. Truth be told, we are very artistic super women and by morning we’ll have begun to deck the halls!


  1. Pam – great to see evidence of the Library’s wonderful efforts to further consolidate a sense of community around all those books, DVDs, CDs etc. etc. Kudos to you!!


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