Posted by: Pam, at RML | November 18, 2009

Historic Photos of Pennsylvania

The birthplace of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, Pennsylvania is steeped in history as deep as that of the United States as a whole. A daguerreotype image of Philadelphia’s Central High School remains the oldest known photograph taken anywhere in the United States. That landmark image is among the many highlights of Historic Photos of Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, December 2, at 7pm author Laura Beardsley will be in the Winsor Room  showing digital images from this beautiful book. Laura will talk about the images and we promise you that it will be an engaging and informative talk. Laura earned a master of arts degree in public history from Rutgers University and she is the former Director of Graphics and Research Services for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In recent years she has pursued a career as a freelance researcher and consultant. Laura is the author of Historic Photos Of Philadelphia and Historic Photos Of The Main Line.  Laura was here for a book talk and book signing (January 2009)  for  Historic Photos Of The Main Line.

At the program, Laura will give the background of these vintage photographs of farmlands and waterfalls, coal mines and steel mills, museums and universities in Pennsylvania. The images in this collection pay tribute to the people who have made up Pennsylvania’s storied past. Books will be available at a special event price which is less than retail. This book would be a great gift ! And as always, the Library will serve refreshements. Hope to see you there.


  1. I congratulate you on your effort to record and popularize special events at INWINSOR – it is a pleasure to read your entries and I look forward to many more.


    • Thanks, eb815… I found some shots I had taken of “The Other Pakistan” and I couldn’t resist posting them to the photo gallery page.


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