Posted by: Pam, at RML | November 14, 2009

Photographer Elisabeth Braun at Twelve Gates Art Gallery


Elisabeth Braun at Twelve Gates Gallery (Philadelphia) October, 2009

Following  “The Other Pakistan” exhibit and lecture at the Library (June 2009) Elisabeth organized an expanded touring exhibit of “The Other Pakistan” in the United States with stops so far, at the 37th Conference of South Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; John Hopkins University in Washington, D.C.; the University of Chicago and the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University (December 2009). Elisabeth also traveled to South Africa this July to help launch a sister exhibition in Cape Town and to meet there with some of the Pakistani photographers who helped create this stunning exhibition. (The

In October, Elisabeth exhibited 6 of her Pakistan and Syria photographs at Twelve Gates Art Gallery in Philadelphia, and I went to the opening. An intimate gallery on Cherry Street, Twelve Gates specializes in South Asian Art. It was the perfect venue for Elizabeth’s exotic images.

For this exhibition, Elisabeth used a rare technique, printing photographic images on wasli paper prepared for inkjet printing. Traditionally used in Islamic miniature painting during the 16th century,  wasli paper consists of several sheets of watercolor paper that have been glued together, and the top sheet of which has been finely polished.

For her images, Elisabeth uses only the top sheet of wasli paper. Digital photography projected onto polished wasli that has been prepared for inkjet printing creates a diffused atmospheric effect that deliberately de-emphasizes precise photographic contours. To the best of Elisabeth’s knowledge, no one has ever printed digital images on wasli.

In June of 2010, the photographer will return to us with Syria images (“The Other Syria”?). The photographs will be in the Library the entire month. Then in late June we’ll host a talk in the Winsor Room. If you happen to be in town hanging out at Rich Mattis’ Gryphon Cafe on the night of the program, sneak on over for an hour and hear Elizabeth’s talk. You know, you just might see Rich at the Library. Yeah…uh uh, Rich hangs out here.

(Note to self: Ask George Strimel (Studio 21) if he is planning on recording this program like he did Pakistan last summer)


  1. Elizabeth,
    Loved this image at Twelve Gates… and I am now searching the web for information on the process you
    used… I recall you said layers of paper that you hand -scraped then took them to a printer and had them printed (digitally) Thanks for the wasli description. Just googled you and Pakistan and I came upon shots from the Cape Town exhibit…I’ll go back and look at those again (on Flickr). See you at the library…



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